About Us

About Us

Pozess is a fun and exciting real-time peer to peer marketplace to shop or sell your favorite items directly in instant rounds where prices fall for a short period of time. Pozess not only democratizes buying and selling but also creates a platform to make it exciting for buyers and engage directly with their sellers in a riveting live real time environment. Instead of waiting for 7 days in an auction sellers can now move inventory quickly and sell more while directing traffic to their existing online e-commerce stores.

In traditional auctions, prices start at a low reserve and buyers bid their way higher. At Pozess prices keep falling from a preset price till the first person snaps up the product. There are no bidding, so the first person who watches the prices come down low and hits the “freeze” button gets to purchase the product at the price it was locked. The product is then considered sold and no longer available for purchase.

Selling is easy at Pozess simply snap images of your products, write a description, enter a maximum, a list price and a minimum price (secret) of your choice and list your items. Your products then get scheduled for live sale. The min price never gets displayed so the buyer never knows how low it will go. Every sale lasts for less than 90 secs so your inventory moves quickly and with our low fees you keep more in profit.

Resources: http://www.fashionablehats.com