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General FAQ

Pozess is a unique and innovative marketplace to buy and sell fashion, jewelry, clothes, shoes, electronics, accessories, beauty and health, home and living, toys and games. Items are showcased in rapid fire live sales where prices of every item start from an already discounted price and drops every second for a short time less than 90 secs till the first person locks the item price hitting a freeze button.

If you would like to sell products simply snap photos of your products, enter a title, description, and details such as size, brand names (if applicable) and the condition of the product. Enter a maximum price, sale price and a minimum acceptable price and your item goes live in your closet and is ready to be sold. Your product then gets queued for a live sale in the category that you have listed it under and when your product goes live the prices start dropping from your sale price before the first person freezes the price and the item is sold.

You can also browse thousands of items listed on the site and buy that special item you love in this fun and engaging marketplace.